Mental Health

Getting Stuck

Sometimes we can get stuck in the coming out process and remain vulnerable. Here are some examples:

Chat Rooms
A word of warning about on-line chat groups: many isolated LGBT young people find support by joining internet chat groups. You need to be aware that this could be dangerous. There is no way that you can be certain the person you are talking to is who they say they are. Another point to bear in mind is that some people on chat groups will not be out, nor have a positive identity; they would not, therefore, be a positive role model for you.

Isolated Relationships
If you are isolated and get in a relationship with someone else who is isolated, it is likely that your partner will not want you to meet other LGBT people for fear of losing you. This could be dangerous and make you vulnerable to remaining isolated, without support, and without going through the usual developmental processes other young people go through. It also opens up the possibility of same-sex domestic violence.

Alcohol and Drugs
One other word of warning, using alcohol and drugs as a way of coping won't help: in fact, it is more likely to stop you going through the coming out process and developing a positive identity. The Substance Misuse section tells you more about this.