Mental Health


It could be that you have already developed mental health problems. We have found that once young people access support, come out and develop a network of friends, their mental health problems usually reduce or go away completely.

This is less likely to happen for those who have additional problems created by substance misuse; homelessness, are living at home with homophobic families; are stuck with internalised homophobia (because of substance misuse or because of their family religion); are experiencing on-going homophobic bullying and abuse; have been sexually abused or raped; or are in abusive relationships. These young people are likely to need extra help through counselling.

Most gay youth groups, schools and GPs can help you access a counselling service. It is important, however, that you make sure the person you see is gay-friendly and understands about internalised homophobia and the coming out process.

Here is a link to a free telephone counselling service provided by the Lesbian and Gay Foundation.

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