Young Lesbian Interviews

Siobhan, 17 years

I first identified as a lesbian at the age of 13. The first person I told was my first love who was a girl. But I hid it from my family until I was 15, trying to date boys after I broke up with my girlfriend. My brother was the first family member to know because he heard it at school where I had come out to friends. He tried to intimidate me at first but was later ok with it. My parents asked me if I was a lesbian and I said, "Yeah, how do you know?" My mum said the family had been talking about it.

Jeni, 18 years

I was 15 when I came out because it took me about a year to deal with a lot of internalised problems with it. I told my best friend who I had known since I was four. She was shocked for about a second then laughed in my face for ages. She then decided it would be funny to spread it around the whole school. So I basically had no say in coming out with that one. But one person I do love for what she did for me is my best friend, Jo. She was there for me through the whole thing and when I told her she rang me and we talked for hours about it. If it wasn't for her I wouldn't be here.

Sarah, 20 years

I came out at 19 but I'd realised I was different at 14. So I've kept it inside for a long time. I first told my best mate, James. Proper had a heart-to-heart. I was really embarrassed but now I think about it, it was kinda funny. It was weird because James saw straight through me anyway. It was kind of he wanted to hear what I had to say then we had a big chat about it. Then it was like, "Oh, welcome to my world!" and gave me a big hug and just reassured me that he was always there for me. Because I'm not out to everyone, only a few people, GALYIC is a safe place for me. And if I have any problems or if I wanna come out properly, I know I've got the support behind me and I know that people understand me and will help me through it.