Aims and objectives

GALYIC became a Company Limited by Guarantee in 2004 and acquired charitable status in 2005 with the following Objects

1. The objects of the Company shall be:

  1. to relieve the mental and emotional distress suffered by young persons within Calderdale (the “area of benefit”) who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender (LGBT) or in doubt about their sexuality by the provision of advice, education, counselling and support with the object of increasing self-esteem and positive identity amongst said persons;
  2. to promote equality and diversity and to eliminate discrimination in relation to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) persons by advancing education and raising awareness of issues affecting said persons.

2. In furtherance of the above objects the Company shall have the following aims:

  1. to provide a point of contact for LGBT young people in order to eliminate feelings of isolation and develop a sense of community in Calderdale;
  2. to provide safe and confidential support for LGBT young people;
  3. to develop self esteem, positive identity and healthy lifestyles among LGBT young people, reducing the likelihood of alcohol/drug misuse, homelessness, HIV/STI/teenage pregnancies, mental health problems (suicide, depression, self-harm, anxiety, eating disorders) and unemployment;
  4. to enable LGBT young people to develop skills and confidence to help them recognise themselves, and to be recognised by the authorities, as full and equal citizens;
  5. to enable LGBT young people to maximise their potential;
  6. to support the families of LGBT young people to understand, accept and support their LGBT children;
  7. to encourage and support appropriate agencies to become more relevant and accessible to LGBT young people and tackle homophobic bullying, in particular, schools, youth service, Victim Support, police, social services, health service, careers service, Connexions, local authorities etc.;
  8. to work towards prevention of homophobic hatred in Calderdale and society in general.