GALYIC's Ten Point Plan for Schools

  1. Provide positive information about being LGBT.
  2. Deal with homophobic bullying properly.
  3. Support young people who come out.
  4. Invite LGBT youth group to give a presentation.
  5. Have an all-school approach to zero tolerance of bullying.
  6. Display the LGBT youth group poster (not just in 6th form).
  7. Refer young people who identify as LGBT to local youth group: it is important that they do not remain isolated.
  8. Include LGBT issues in the curriculum.
  9. Identify named people to support LGBT Young People such as school nurses, inclusion managers, child safety officer, personal advisers, youth workers (although these need to have training and be gay-friendly), and make sure students know they are gay-friendly; and
  10. Encourage your school youth council to work with the local LGBT youth group to develop an action plan.