Mental Health

Who's More Vulnerable?

Not all LGBT people experience mental health problems. Those who are least vulnerable are likely to have experienced few problems accepting themselves and being accepted by their family and friends.

Those who are most vulnerable are less likely:-

  • to be out to, accepted and supported by, their family;
  • to have developed a positive identity as an LGBT person;
  • to have a network of LGBT friends who have positive identities;
  • not have experienced bullying, especially homophobic bullying, at school;
  • to belong to a religion that says homosexuality is a sin;
  • to misuse alcohol or drugs;
  • to be homeless.

    Most LGBT young people experience homophobic bullying. If you have support either from your parents or school, this can make a huge difference. However, many LGBT young people are not accepted by their families; some are not out because they are terrified they will be rejected.

    When this is happening to you and you are isolated and do not have anyone you can talk to or trust, you are probably at your most vulnerable.

    What Can You Do?