Gay Interviews

Boyd, 19 years

I have a boyfriend called joe who I met at GALYIC, I used to be part of an athletics group but had to quit because of an injury. I came out at 11 to my friends, 15 to my mum. My mum kept asking me everyday for two years so I just said yes. My mum is ok with me being gay, shes always been there for me when I'm feeling down and helped me out. I have suffered homophobia, being beaten up etc, and I reported it to the police, they supported me in moving to a different area. I lost most of my friends, but after coming out I have made plenty of new ones who accept me for being me. Being gay has it fantastic times and its not so fantastic times. GALYIC has supported me and helped me become more confident. Ive become involved in projects through and for GALYIC including website, residentials, radio programmes.

Joe, 20 years

I like to chill out to music such as mariah carey and janet jackson, and i do martial arts. i date boyd who i met at GALYIC youth group. I came out at 17 to friends 18 to my parents. I wanted people to know who i was, because i felt like i was living a bit of a lie. One of my mates outed me to other friends, which didnt go down too good. The friends i told myself accepted it and were cool with it. my family said im still the same person. I found GALYIC great for finding new friends safely. I helped create the new GALYIC website. The residential i went on helped me conquer my fears.

Gareth, 21 years

im into music, and love hanging with my mates. i came out at 14 to my mates and some of my family, and at 19 to my parents. i've been denying it for years, but my auntie pursuaded me to come out but it feels like a weigh off my shoulders and now im glad i did. they can either like me or not. my mum took it bad, the family didn't like it but they said they'd come round. my friends were ok with it, some of them even turned out to be gay as well! coming out has made me have more friends. i had to tell my dad again recently, due to him losing his memory as a result of an accident. he had a very negative response and said he would 'knock it out of me' but is gradually coming around as his health improves. if it wasn't for GALYIC I wouldn't be who I am today.

Nick, 19 years

i came out to my friends at 15, came to group when i was 16, came out to my parents just after. i didnt see why i should have kept it secret. The reaction was good. my friend was awesome! i told my mum when i was 14/15 she said it was a phase, but shes come round since i rang my dad up while they were on holiday and told him and he asked if he should tell my mum and sister. coming out is hard enough as it is dont do it on your own! GALYIC is a great help.

Harry, 22 years

When I was 11 I realised I was different to the other boys at school. All my friends were girls and I found it hard to make boy mates. I am out and proud. I came out to my mum when I was 18, my mum told the rest of the family who reacted really well and are supportive about it. They knew I was gay before I told them (ha ha, I must have given them clues). Anyway, have a super duper fabulous day because I know I will. Much love, Harry. Xxx

Candy, 22 years

I came out to my friend when I was between 16 and 19. We never actually said it, we just both knew; it was normal for us. Me and my best friend both realised we liked men between 11 and 13 and we talked about it. All the other friends I've told are white. None of my Asian friends know. They've asked me but I can't say because I'm afraid of their rejection. I don't think I could ever tell them. GALYIC is very special to me because I never knew there were out people in Calderdale. I thought I was just different and odd. GALYIC helped me with my confidence and self-belief and I'm glad I made that first step and I've never looked back.

Adam, 16 years

I came out when I was 15 years old. The funny thing is I don't remember who I came out to first. But I remember the reaction: "It's just a phase." And that shocked me because I thought to myself, "No, this is who I am." Then I told my cousin, who I am not close to, but he was understanding, probably because he is like me. Then I went and told my best mate but I knew she was lesbian and she welcomed me with hugs. Since coming to GALYIC I have met people who are like me and are going through the same things as me.