Bisexual Interviews

Hermionie, 19 years

HARRY POTTER FAN!!!! i love reading and writing, i volunteer to do many different things. i dont like being lied to. thats about it. story of my life! I was 17 when I came out to my mum and my mates found out themselves, they asked me if i was gay and i said 'no im bi', and they said 'oh ok then' and went back to what they were doing. Coming out was an impulsive thing! my mum looked at me and said "you do stuff with women?!" and its never been mentioned since! my friends were ok. had no homophobic bullying. GALYIC kinda saved me cos i feel kinda safe i didnt have very many mates. GALYIC helped me find a good counsellor, and stonham housing (supported lodgings).

Aodhan, 18 years

I came out when I was 13. I came out to my sister who took it really well and is supportive. My dad still doesn't know but has an inkling. As I worry about how he might react, I haven't told him.