To identify levels of alcohol use you can complete the Audit Scale.

Scores of 8 or more suggest possible hazardous and harmful alcohol use, as well as potential alcohol dependence. Scores between 8 to 15 represent a medium level of alcohol problems whereas scores of 16 and above represent a high level of problems.

When we conducted this with members of Gay and Lesbian Youth in Calderdale this is what we found:

  • 42% of the participants drank within safety levels
  • 34% showed a medium level of alcohol problems and
  • 24% had a high level of problems, especially the 6% who scored twenty or more.

    Nationally, 31% of men drink over 21 units per week whilst 20% of women drink over 14 units per week. The GALYIC findings were: 35% of the young men and 58% of the young women drank over the recommended limits.

    It is worth noting that 23% did not practise safer sex when they were drunk. This is especially worrying given the rise in young gay and bisexual men acquiring HIV.