Special Programmes

In response to needs of members GALYIC occasionally developed special programmes at the youth group. These included:

Mental Well-being & Sexual Health

Angela Hodgson, the Sexual Health Counsellor, came and ran several sessions on dealing with depression, developing self-esteem, positive relationships and safer sex.

Drugs & Alcohol

There have been several sessions run at the youth group on alcohol and drug misuse both by the Young People's Drugs and Alcohol team and Calderdale Substance Misuse Service; members have also undertaken the Alcohol Brief Interventions training.

Trans Issues

We had several members of the group who identified as transgender. Some of our trans members took part in a national Sci:dentity project. This resulted in the workers being invited to GALYIC to run an awareness session. Members of GALYIC were also involved with Sci:dentity to produce 'A guide to Trans Young People in the UK'

Samaritans DEAL Programme

Samaritans DEAL (Developing Emotional Awareness and Learning) programme helps develop the skills that young people need to cope with life's challenges and develop their emotional health and wellbeing. The resources aim to help students to develop an understanding of the meaning of the term emotional health as it relates to them, and their friends/family/peers. The sessions also seek to help students to identify coping strategies for stressful or difficult situations they may face, and to reflect on the positive and negative consequences their choices could have. GALYIC adapted this resource and used it several times.