Publicity flyer: With funding from Awards for All, members worked with Calderdale and Kirklees Careers to produce a publicity flyer with information about coming out and how to contact GALYIC so that personal advisers could give these to young people in schools who come to them for support.

Positive images: The Local Network Fund provided money to enable members to work with a local arts-based agency, HEADS to produce two posters which were distributed to schools, youth groups and other youth agencies.

Parents Project: With funding from the Parenting Support Grant (Community Foundation for Calderdale), GALYIC launched the Parents Project. The aim was that parents of LGBT young people would have a better understanding of their children's needs and therefore be better able to meet those needs. Click here for further information.

Anne Lister Project: As part of the Vinvolved volunteering programme, the presentation group developed a brand new presentation, Anne Lister's Diaries: The Rosetta Stone of 19th Century Lesbiansim. Click here for further information.

Media Box Project: Ryburn Valley High School contacted GALYIC to get involved in their Media Box Project. The Project was about using media such as photography, creative writing and podcasting to challenge stereotypes. Several members took part in the six-month project and produced photographs and poetry. An exhibition of the Project was held in the Square Chapel. Click here for a link to project website, here for photos of Eve, and here for photos of Siobhan.

Boxing Project: GALYIC worked with Branching Out, the local substance misuse service for young people, to develop a six-week boxing project for the young women who accessed GALYIC.

Cyber-Mentors: GALYIC worked with the national anti-bullying agency, Beatbullying. Members attended the Beatbullying Cyber-Mentor training in February 2011 and on completion became Cyber-Mentors on For more information see CyberMentors.

Youth Chances: GALYIC supported the national LGBT youth research project, Youth Chances, by becoming members of their Provider Stakeholder Forum and Jan Bridget is on their Expert Consultative Panel. GALYIC members, and Jan, gave presentations at the launch of this exciting research project. Click here to access the member's power point presentation, here for the script, and here for a compilation of photos taken on the day. And here is the Summary Report.
Youth Chances have since put up three videos on their website which include GALYIC members: Click here for Commissioners can join Youth Chances now; here for Youth Chances coming your way; and here to see Get involved in Youth Chances.

Lesbian Mental Health Project: With funding from the Brunswick Centre, GALYIC organised a series of events aimed at young lesbian and bisexual women aged up to 25 years. This began with a trip to the Hebden Bridge Cinema to see the UK Premiere of the film 'Jan's Coming Out.' Other activities included roller-blading; the Samaritan's DEAL Project; drumming and massage.