One-to-One: Assessing Needs

Coming out can be quite a daunting process for many young LGBT people. Once contact was made, GALYIC arranged for a worker to meet the new member, usually at the drop in. It was important to find out what GALYIC could do to help new members.

As well as supporting them to attend the youth group to meet other young people who had been or were going through similar experiences, GALYIC also arranged to interview new members as soon as possible using an on-line assessment questionnaire (NATnIMP) which had been developed specifically for this purpose.

A range of issues were coverecd including coming out, experiences at school, health issues and support needs. Members could say at any time if they did not want to answer any of the questions.

Once completed, the worker and new member worked together to develop an action plan. This might be as simple as attending the youth group and help with coming out to parents (only when this was appropriate). Or it might be that the young person needed counselling or a sexual health check or help with housing. If this was the case then GALYIC supported the new member to access whatever specialist service they needed. This was totally confidential. GALYIC only passed on information to other agencies with member's permission.

The NATnIMP website can be accessed here; this tells you more about the process.