National work

As a result of giving a keynote speech and running a workshop at a mental health conference in Stoke, Jan Bridget was invited to join the NIMHE (National Institute for Mental Health in England) Sexual Orientation Special Interest Group (SOSIG) and GALYIC was commissioned by NIMHE North West and NIMHE North East, Yorkshire and Humber, to represent 'the north' on SOSIG.

SOSIG commissioned research into lesbian, gay and bisexual people and mental health, which resulted in publication of "Mental disorders, suicide and deliberate self harm in lesbian, gay and bisexual people, a systematic review." In turn this has led to the inclusion of LGB people under Goal Two of the National Suicide Prevention Strategy for England, 2007.

The Department of Health, working with members of SOSIG, set up the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Advisory Group (SOGIAG) and Jan was a member from its inception. Her work with SOGIAG led to GALYIC being involved in the DH training DVD Real Stories Real Lives, as well as the production of “A Guide to Trans Youth in the UK”.

Other activities have included reading and commenting on various publications as well as developing LGBT Communities on the CSIPS (Care and Service Improvement Partnerships) Knowledge Community (see link below) which incorporates research, resources, news, policies; Communities include LGBT youth, education, homophobic/transphobic hate incidents, mental health, housing, law, employment, older LGBTs, black and minority ethnic LGBTs, trans issues.

Jan gave a presentation on the needs of young LGBT people (based on the findings of the GALYIC Needs Assessment Tool) to members of SOGIAG and followed this up with a report on how to move forward on LGBT youth issues. She was hoping that SOGIAG would agree to setting up a national advisory group specifically on issues facing LGBT young people. Unfortunately, not long after this presentation, SOGIAG was stood down and replaced by an Advisory Group and Jan is no longer involved.

GALYIC linked up with the National CAMHS Support Service in 2008. As a result of this Jan was commissioned to develop a webpage on the NHS Children Young People and Families website (see link below). Jan also worked with the National CAMHS Support Service to expand their Organisation Cultural Competence Self Assessment Tool to include all six equality strands as well as socio-economic status. Click here for work book. Click here for OCCA Tool.