GALYIC members took part in national consultations and projects, for example, Transitions

We were part of the Social Exclusion Unit (was part of the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister) project: Transitions: Young Adults with Complex Needs A Social Exclusion Unit Final Report, 2005. As a result of our involvement, the final report identified sexuality as an issue that compounds disadvantage and included a quote from a GALYIC member:

"I think it is more difficult being young and lesbian because you are so insecure when you are young. Where to go? Who to see? You think you are the only one at the time; it did for me. It made me so sad and unhappy at the time. It seemed that there was no-one there, no-one to talk to."

Members of GALYIC took part in a training DVD (2006) for the Department of Health,entitled Real People,Real Lives; we are module Sixteen.

In late 2007 the Member Presentation Group was developed and gave presentations to a wide range of agencies, locally, regionally and nationally. Click here for further information.

Members invited the Bishop of Wakefield to come to the youth group, listen to the member presentation and generally meet members and hear their stories. The Right Reverend Bishop Stephen Platten accepted our invitation, along with his colleague Matthew.
As a result of this the Bishop wrote an article that was later published in Church times (29th October 2010). He called upon fellow Christians to listen to the experiences of LGBT people and challenge homophobia within the Church. The Bishop said,

"After my evening in Halifax, I wondered whether the Church of England had even begun to listen. I did not feel that I had to any serious degree, at least not to gay people outside of the Church."

Click here to access the artice.