The presentation group began in 2007 when GALYIC received a small grant from the Local Network Fund. Eight members attended a course GALYIC ran called Out There, which had been developed by another LGBT organisation. We analysed the programme and then made a list of all the issues facing queer youth in Calderdale.

Round about the same time, a local sixth form contacted GALYIC to ask if we could give a presentation at their school. The group decided the most important issues to present to schools were 1. Coming Out; 2. GALYIC Services; 3. Homophobic Bullying; and 4. Challenging Stereotypes.

The group decided they wanted the presentation to be factual but also fun, and so one member adapted a silent power point presentation of famous LGBT people past and present, and another developed the music quiz. Then we all decided the content and agreed the script. Another member used their computer skills to develop the colourful power point presentation. Whilst other members wrote about their experiencies.

We then delivered it to two sixth form colleges, which included nearly 200 students in all. The programme went down very well with good feedback from teachers and pupils and it's understood that there were only two complaints from parents, which were dealt with effectively by the head teacher.

Thanks to funding from Vinvolved, GALYIC joined a consortium headed up by Voluntary Action Calderdale (VAC) which enabled us to develop the Presentation Group further.

Here is a list of presentations members have given:


  • LGBT Equality Network, February 2008
  • LGBT Equality Network, 16th August 2008
  • Supported Lodgings Scheme, 7th July 2008
  • Calderdale Anti-Bullying Strategy Launch, November 2008
  • Calderdale Children's Trust, April 2009
  • Calderdale Hate Crime Reporting Centre Re-Launch 2009
  • Calderdale Association of School Governor's Board, June 2009
  • Calderdale Children and Young People's Service: Strategic Leads, September 2009
  • Children and Young People's Scrutiny Panel, November 2009
  • Youth Homelessness Conference, January 2010
  • LGBT History Month, Hebden Bridge Library, February 2010
  • GALYIC Celebration event, Hebden Bridge Town Hall, August 2010
  • International Day Against Homophobia, Hebden Bridge Town Hall, May 2011


  • CAMHS, York, March 2008
  • Stonham Housing, Leeds, 26th October 2008
  • Regional Youth Work Unit, Leeds, December, 2008
  • Joint Regional Conference, GALYIC & National CAMHS Support Service, Halifax, February 2009
  • Bradford CAMHS Network, June 2009
  • Bishop Stephen Platten, January 2010


  • National LGBT Mental Health Conference, Nottingham, May 2008
  • Schools Out, London, February 2009
  • Lesbians and Gays in Probation National Conference, Leeds, March 2009
  • Barnardo's LGBT Staff Conference, Cardiff, October 2009
  • LGBT History Month Pre-Launch, British Museum, London, November 2009
  • Youth Chances Launch, London, June 2011
Click here to access the presentation members gave at the British Museum as part of the LGBT History Month Prelaunch event. Click here to see Youth Chances video which includes GALYIC members giving a presentation (note their T shirts).

Feedback from Participants at Regional Young People, Substance Misuse and Mental Health Conference, York, 2008.

"They gave an understanding of the difficulties faced in society" "Very informative" "Brilliant, energetic and touching stories" "Very well put together" "Wish a group like this was available in York"

"Clear, concise and made us realise the need for support for services like this" "Was great to have young people there for a change instead of holding discussions/events without them" "Powerful presentation" "Young people also had very interesting input to the World Café workshops in the afternoon."